Hi, I’m Kachina and I’m a self-confessed nomaddict.

Nomaddict |nəʊˈmˈadɪkt|: an addiction of the nomadic lifestyle. AKA wanderlust, travel junkie, globe-trotter, adventurer.

What is travel? What does it mean to travel? A quick glance at any dictionary (in this case, a quick search on dictionary.com) will tell you that the word ‘travel’ is a verb which simply means ‘to go from one place to another, as by car, train, plane, or ship; take a trip; journey.’
But to me, to travel means a lot more than what the dictionary defines. Travel is about the journey that happens in between points, falling in love with the world and happiness in its most purest form. The purpose of this blog is to demonstrate (through my personal travel experiences) that travel means a helluva lot more than the getting from point A to point B, what I learnt about myself and the world along the way and general travel tips.

I’ve been very fortunate in my life as I have been travelling internationally since the ripe age of 18 months. You could say that that is where this ‘addiction’ to travel stemmed from. At age 24 now, I have been to 23 countries (most of them more than once), volunteered abroad and lived abroad for 7 months whilst doing an international study exchange. I have no intention of slowing down either.
I started making several travel plans when I was 14 during my third trip to the States. I was talking to a close family friend in Virginia when she suggested I tried to do an exchange in high school. My blood immediately started pulsing at the possibility of this happening. No more than 10 minutes later, I was already using her computer, searching near-by schools that I could attend.
The rest of that trip I spent scribbling ideas down in a notepad that I’d bought. The plans kept escalating too. I’d decided I would talk to my year advisor at school when I got home about the possibility of exchange. I’d also made a goal – I would go to an American college in the future.
I didn’t end up doing an exchange through high school, but 7 years after promising myself that I would go to college in America, it happened. December 2013 saw me fly out of Australia to embark on a 7 month adventure starting at Montana State University, Bozeman. [There will be blog posts written about my time at MSU in future posts.]
For me though, the real life changing travel experience took place in September/October of 2011 in Nepal. I’d taken a gap year in between finishing high school and starting university. I’d already travelled through Europe in the early months of 2011, but knew that I wanted to do some form of teaching overseas in that year too. Initially, I was looking at working in a summer camp in either Canada or America, but was finding getting accepted into a program very difficult for my age. It was at that point that my father made a deal with me. If I chose to do volunteer work in a third world country he’d give me financial aid. The thought of spending an extended period of time in a third world country didn’t make me feel uncomfortable (two years earlier we went on a family trip to Macedonia – a beautiful country that I’d recommend adding to a bucket-list, but also very poor in comparison to it’s other European neighbours). Dad suggested that I look at Nepal as a possible volunteer destination. After searching on-line for no more than 5 minutes, I was already filling out an application form. I was accepted, and soon after, flying to Nepal to start what would be the biggest life-changing experience of my life thus far.

It is with these experiences that I’ve grown a strong desire to share everything I know about the places I’ve been to. Which is where the idea of starting a blog came from. For quite a number of years now, I’ve become that person that friends have come to with travel questions. All varying, from what to do where, where to buy electric plugs and how do you know what the right one is, how to pack and pre-trip anxiety. I love that I’ve become this person for my friends! One of the greatest things about travel is sharing, and now with the addition of this blog, I can share my experiences with a whole new realm of friends!

To be addicted to travel is to be addicted to a multitude of things. You’re addicted to the person you become. Addicted to the pure happiness that overcomes you and fills you. Addicted to the passion, the desire to explore. Addicted to the freedom that comes from being away from routine. Addicted to learning through experience. Addicted to making memories that will be cherished for a lifetime, and you become addicted to meeting so many beautiful, like-minded people. This is what nomaddiction is, and what a wonderful thing to be addicted to!

With every new adventure comes a new lease on life. So lets start this one now! I can’t wait to begin sharing my stories with you and for you to share yours with me.

A thousand cyber-smiles,



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