Nomaddiction Update

It’s one of those evenings that I should be working on the essay that’s due tomorrow. But I’ve had this voice in my head for weeks now that keeps distracting me. Or not so much a voice, but rather an excessive urge. So I’ve put aside essay’s for the night and have instead opted for an evening filled with pizza, cider, Sigur Ros and blogging.

I’ve always felt I had more friends abroad than I do here. It also seems that more and more of my friends here are leaving the sandy Aussie shores for a lifestyle abroad. This appears to be a problem as it is only adding fuel to the fire – the fire being ridiculously itchy feet!

Every day lately I am researching new places (or should I say destinations? 😛 ) with the desire to be there in the very near future! Right now I am struggling to choose between a various amount of possible New Years destinations (including Lombok Indonesia, Mactan Philippines, Cambodia or New Zealand. So if any of you have any tips PLEASE TELL ME!).
Henry and I are also in the midst of planning another motorcycle trip (we’ll call it Motorbike 2.0) through the UK and Europe. So again, if anyone has any tips (UK, France, Spain and Portugal) HIT ME UP! 😀

Aside from finishing the Motorcycle Saga, I plan on doing a local special too. I realise for a lot of you kind readers Sydney and the Illawarra are travel destinations – great choices too if I might add! So I will soon be embarking on being a tourist in my own city, giving you insider scoops and reviewing possible activities for your itinerary!

I am still working on the interactive map and Oceana gallery too! Having some troubles at the moment though getting a decent internet connection in the new house … perhaps it’s time I found a local internet cafe!

I also wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you sweet, sweet readers. I love hearing that you’re not only reading my blog but ENJOYING it too! Woo! I am so very grateful.

Anyways, keeping this one short for now. May you all have amazing adventures soon!
Happy Travels,

Kachina 🙂


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