Hello, Bonjour, Zdravo!


Welcome to my blog! I’m so excited to be starting this and am looking forward to hearing from ya’ll with every new blog post. This is just a quick post now, to explain a few things that will be happening in the coming weeks.

First of all, as I’ve started this blog after all of my trips so far, I won’t be discussing all of my past trips in great detail. I will be discussing my more recent trips and stories from older trips will be bought up between present posts.

Secondly, I am in the process of creating an interactive map. The idea is that every country that I’ve been to will be highlighted, when clicked on will take you to a separate page with some personal tips on what to do in each place. America will have a separate map with states that I’ve travelled to highlighted, rather than the whole country being highlighted.

Finally, I am also in the process of putting together a photo gallery. It will contain photos of places I’ve been to with brief explanations underneath.

Looking forward to sharing with you!



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